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Is AIRO 14" the right size for my child?

AIRO 14" is one size and includes an adjustable seat post which means it can grow as your child does. AIRO 14" suitability is not dependant on height or age but their inside leg measurement. It will accommodate inside leg measurements of 40cm to 53cm

How high should the seat be?

The seat height should be adjusted so when the child is sitting with both their feet flat on the ground they have a slight bend in their knees. For long distance on smooth ground the height can be slightly raised, for off roading the saddle should be

What should the tyre pressure be?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help to extend the life of your tyres, improve safety and ensure a smooth ride. We recommend that the front and back tyres on the AIRO 14" should be inflated to 20-30 PSI (1.5-2.0 BAR).

What size packaging will my AIRO 14" be delivered in?

The exact dimensions of the AIRO outer carton are: 102 x 15 x 61 cm. Gross weight of the parcel is 5.98kg. We do not include any single use plastic in our AIRO boxes!

Why does the AIRO 14” have a brake and not the AIRO 12”?

By the time a child is 3-4 years old it gets increasingly likely that they will want to use a brake to slow down. The added weight becomes insignificant and it makes the progression to a pedal bicycle that much more seamless. Can I fit a brake. can I