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CLUG vacuum mount FAQs

How long will the vacuum last for?

A good vacuum should last for a minimum 7 days on smooth glass before the vacuum pump indicator shows orange. Actual time will depend on the quality of the vacuum, the material on which you are fixing and any debris on the surface. You should test th

How much weight can the CLUG vacuum mount hold?

CLUG vacuum mount has been tested to hold 55kg (121lbs). In reality it holds only a fraction of this weight as the bicycle has to have at least one wheel on the floor at all times.

What surface can I secure my CLUG vacuum mount to?

CLUG vacuum mount attaches to smooth, non-porous, shiny and clean surfaces such as a car, van, camper or caravan. Around the home it attaches to patio windows, tiled wet rooms and glossy painted or laminated surfaces.

Do I need to buy a CLUG separately?

Yes! The CLUG vacuum mount is compatible with all sizes of CLUG, but you do need to buy the appropriate size of CLUG separately.