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dB140 with Garmin Style Mount FAQs

Will it fit my handlebar?

dB140 with Garmin style mount fits every standard round handlebar. To ensure a perfect fit with all handlebar sizes two mounts are included - one mount for bars with a diameter of 22-26mm with 4 differently sized spacers and a second dedicated for 31

Is dB140 waterproof?

dB140 has an IP rating of IP44 which means it is splash-proof. dB140 is tested to work even in torrential rain but we advise tilting it slightly down to avoid water ingress through the battery compartment. Avoid mounting it upside down or submerging

Why are there different versions of dB140?

There have been three versions of dB140 as we continue to upgrade and refine as technology advances. The internal upgrades are designed to improve performance while the latest V3 features a Garmin style mount which makes the dB140 rock solid on the b

Why have you made dB140 so loud?

It’s simple. The louder the horn the safer you are: the louder the horn the further away and the more quickly you get a motorist’s or a pedestrian’s attention and the more likely it is to be effective in all road conditions (diesel engines, tyre nois

Why does dB140 have two different sounds?

The piercing duo-tone sound is designed to be heard through car windows and above the ambient noise. The secondary car-horn 'park mode' sound it more of a traditional ‘beep’ sound which is less audible on the road but works much better for pedestrian

Is dB140 legal?

Of course! There are currently no restrictions governing noise levels of horns on bicycles in the UK, USA, Australia or any of the other 44 countries we distribute our products in. Very few countries have legislated in this area with the exception of

Is dB140 safe for my ears?

Yes, it is safe for riders over the age of 16. The sound of dB140 is mainly projected forwards. Cyclists will only hear ~100-104dB when in use (which is about the same as going to a rock concert for a few seconds). Clearly it is up to the rider to us

How is dB140 powered?

dB140 is powered by two non-rechargeable AAA batteries (included) that should last you for up to 18 months with “normal use”. We consider “normal use” to be 6 x 1 second blasts a day five days a week. To change the batteries simply unscrew the batter