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Mud Pad FAQs

What surfaces can I put the CLUG mud pad on?

CLUG mud pad will only stick to smooth, flat and clean surfaces such as painted walls, glass and wooden furniture. It will not stick to brick or other non-porous materials.

What size CLUG mud pad do I need for my bike?

There are two sizes of CLUG mud pad available. The small size is designed for road, gravel and hybrid tyres. The large size is designed for mtb tyres.

Can I wash my CLUG mud pad if it gets dirty?

Yes! We have designed the CLUG mud pad to be totally washable on both sides. It should only be washed in cold soapy water and air-dried. It can be used again and again.

How long does CLUG mud pad last for?

The CLUG mud pad has been painstakingly developed to be removable without peeling off your paint, but sticky enough to remain in place. Naturally some surfaces offer better adhesion than others. If the pad falls off it is often because of dust/dirt o