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How loud is the NANO?

Our NANO is toy-tested to make it safe for children’s sensitive ears, and so it is considerably quieter than the dB140 which is designed to be heard by drivers in heavy traffic. There are 3 volume settings with a decibel range between 75-80dB.

How long is the battery life?

This varies depending on use. The 2x AAA batteries last for up to 17 hours 45 minutes on a constant light mode and up to 58 hours on flashing mode.

How does it fit to my bike/scooter?

The stretchy wing fits around all kids bikes and scooter handlebars. It has been designed so children can mount and remove NANO in seconds. The wing is tested to withstand a dead weight of 2kg but be careful not to over-stretch it.

How waterproof is NANO?

The NANO has IP33 protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. This means it will be fine in light rain and possibly even heavy rain provided that the water doesn’t get into the internal parts (through the lens). I

How durable is the NANO?

For peace of mind we give a 2 year warranty. We have tested the NANO in extreme weather (simulated in ovens and freezers), subjected it to wear and tear tests and generally put it through its paces. The wing can withstand a 2kg deadweight attached to