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How can I prevent the handlebars from independently rotating?Updated 5 months ago

Please follow these instructions to reset your headset. The handlebar will not rotate when correctly assembled: 1) Remove the neoprene headset cover 

2) Loosen the top bolt 

3) Then loosen the 2 side bolts 

4) Tighten the top bolt holding the 5mm Allen key by its short arm until finger tight (approx 1Nm) 

5) Check the forks no longer rock in the head tube, do not tighten more than this 

6) Hold the handlebars perpendicular to the wheel 

7) Tighten the side bolts alternately, one-quarter turn at a time, repeatedly until neither move holding the Allen key by its long arm until white knuckle hand tight (approx 8-10Nm) 

8) Check the steering by holding the front wheel between your feet and trying to turn the handlebars 

9) Replace the neoprene cover.

If the rotation persists after reseting the headset, please contact us and our bike specialist will be in touch to troubleshoot. Don't worry we'll get it fixed!

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