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Is AIRO 12" the right size for my child?

AIRO 12" is one size and includes an adjustable seat post which means it can grow as your child does. AIRO 12" suitability is not dependant on height or age but their inside leg measurement. It will accommodate inside leg measurements of 30cm to 46cm

How high should the seat be?

The seat height should be adjusted so when the child is sitting with both their feet flat on the ground they have a slight bend in their knees. For long distance on smooth ground the height can be slightly raised, for off roading the saddle should be

What should the tyre pressure be?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help to extend the life of your tyres, improve safety and ensure a smooth ride. We recommend that the front and back tyres on the AIRO should be inflated to 20-30 PSI (1.5-2.0 BAR).

Can a brake be fitted to AIRO 12"?

The AIRO 12" frame was originally designed to accommodate a brake, but after a lot of research we decided against it. Given its application we want the AIRO 12" to be as simple and intuitive as possible. The added weight and complexity of a brake doe

How can I prevent the handlebars from independently rotating?

Please follow these instructions to reset your headset. The handlebar will not rotate when correctly assembled: 1) Remove the neoprene headset cover. 2) Loosen the top bolt. 3) Then loosen the 2 side bolts. 4) Tighten the top bolt holding the 5mm All

What bike pump does AIRO need?

It is normal that tyres need topping up with air every once in a while as they deflate naturally over time. Your AIRO tyres needs a pump that fits Schrader valves, the same as your car. If you don't have a pump, it's possible to use a petrol station

Can I get a discount on AIRO?

We don't often give discounts on AIRO, but if you subscribe to our newsletter you can get 10% off of your first order of accessories. Can I get a discount for my twins?. We have recently introduced a new discount for those of you who have double trou

What size packaging will my AIRO 12" be delivered in?

The exact dimensions of the AIRO outer carton are: 89 x 13 x 61cm. Gross weight of the parcel is 4.8kg. We do not include any single use plastic in our AIRO boxes!

When will my AIRO be delivered?

If your AIRO order is completed before 12:00 noon, it will be dispatched the same day on a 24 hour delivery service with DPD or DHL and a signature on delivery may be required. If ordered after 12:00 noon, it will be sent out the next working day (Mo

Do you sell spare parts for AIRO?

Need a spare part for your little one's AIRO? Featuring spare tyres, inner tubes and even shortened seat posts, we have a range of AIRO spare parts:. To view our full range of AIRO accessories, click here. Spare AIRO. AIRO spares. AIRO spare parts. n

Where can I get AIRO touch up paint?

If your little rider has scratched or chipped their AIRO during their adventures, then you may want to use touch up paint to cover the imperfections. We have partnered with specialist paint shop Bodicraft to produce touch up paints for our AIRO range