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How do I use CLUG to store my bike?Updated 2 years ago

CLUG is designed to store your bike vertically or horizontally, depending on your space. CLUG should always sit just above the mid-point of the wheel.  When using CLUG for vertical storage, roll the bike into an upright position so that the rear wheel is resting on the floor (which should be stable and flat!) against the wall vertically beneath the CLUG. Then line up the front tyre so that it rests against the arms of the CLUG before giving it a good nudge inside.  Please note that you cannot store a bike vertically with CLUG if the front wheel is on the floor because it will swivel, and the bike will fall! For horizontal storage, it must be the rear wheel which is reversed into the CLUG, just above the mid-point of the wheel, ensuring that the bike is perfectly straight. Please note that when using CLUG for horizontal storage you cannot CLUG the front tyre because it will swivel. CLUG might be clever but it can't be expected to hold a bike upright if it is mounted to the floor instead of the wall!

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