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Can I mount CLUG on drywall, plasterboard or stud?

If you have CLUG roadie or hybrid, the answer is yes you can as long as your wall is thick enough to accommodate the full length of the screws. We recommend attaching a wooden stud or panel to the wall to reinforce it. If you have CLUG mtb, mtb XL or

Can I use an alternative to screws to mount CLUG?

If you can't drill into your wall, check out the CLUG vacuum mount which can be mounted to any shiny smooth surface. You cannot use an adhesive as it is not strong enough!

Which CLUG size do I need?

The critical measurement is your ACTUAL tyre width as opposed to the manufacturers' stated tyre width. If you don't own a pair of callipers you can use the method demonstrated here.  Armed with this measurement choose the CLUG with the appropriate ra

How do I use CLUG to store my bike?

CLUG is designed to store your bike vertically or horizontally, depending on your space. CLUG should always sit just above the mid-point of the wheel.  When using CLUG for vertical storage, roll the bike into an upright position so that the rear whee

Can CLUG hang my bike in the air with it's wheels off the ground?

No, CLUG works with your floor to store your bike either vertically or horizontally.

How do I upgrade my existing CLUG to CLUG PRO?

Easily. You simply buy the same size CLUG PRO upgrade kit. This replaces your existing clipper with the new clipper equipped with the FIDLOCK winch. Use your existing gripper to clip into it.

How much weight can the cord on the CLUG PRO hold?

The CLUG PRO is rated to hold a bike or e-bike up to 30kg which covers every bike you’d actually want to ride! During testing we discovered the CLUG PRO was able to hold considerably more. This means if you have a e-bike, CLUG PRO will hold it as lon

How much weight can the original CLUG hold?

Original CLUG holds bikes up to a maximum weight of 20kg (if you need a roadie it's up to 13kg).

What size drill bit do I use for the wall plug?

For the Roadie and Hybrid: 1/4" or 6mm. For the mtb, mtb XL and plus: 5/16" or 8mm.

Can I use the CLUG to store my e-bike?

Original CLUG only holds bikes up to 13kg for the roadie and 20kg for all the other sizes. However CLUG PRO can be used for heavier bikes, including e-bikes of up to 30kg.

Can CLUG cause damage to carbon fibre rims?

CLUG will mark your carbon rims if the plastic touches the rim (which obviously none of us want to happen). To solve this, set the CLUG a couple of inches higher than the mid-point of the wheel so that CLUG still fully grips the tyre, but the arms ar

Is CLUG compatible with Clincher tyres?

CLUG was born before the advent of high end, wide carbon rims and straight-walled tyres. Usually CLUG pinches the narrow part of the tyre by the rim and the tyre fills the inner part of the CLUG, but with clinchers the tyre wall tends to be straight,

How does a CLUG accommodate a punctured tyre?

Original CLUG is for short term bike storage where tyre pressures are checked regularly. If you're storing your bike for a long period of time (where slow punctures can present an issue) then we recommend using CLUG PRO.

What are the benefits of the CLUG PRO upgrade kit?

Whilst the original CLUG is ultra-convenient, ultra-minimalist and ultra-satisfying to use, there may be occasions when a CLUG PRO would be a better option. For example, if your tyre is punctured or you want to use CLUG for long term storage (over ti

How can I move my CLUG?

If you are planning on drilling into anything that isn’t wood, you will need to get some new wall plugs. All you need to do is take out the plastic gripper that is covering the screws and unscrew the clipper. If you are screwing straight into wood th

Can I return/exchange my CLUG if its the wrong size?

Contact us and we will gladly help you to sort out an exchange if the CLUG is still boxed as new.

Which size CLUG PRO do I need?

The critical measurement is your ACTUAL tyre width as opposed to the manufacturers' stated tyre width. If you don't own a pair of calipers you can use the method demonstrated here:. Armed with this measurement choose the CLUG PRO with the appropriate

How do you adjust the CLUG PRO cord length?

In summary: pull the knot out of the winch (tweezers or even a pencil will help you to grab the knot), tie another knot (5cm along from the original knot), then trim the excess cord with scissors. Be careful not to cut the cord too short! Ideally you