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What bike pump does AIRO need?Updated a year ago

It is normal that tyres need topping up with air every once in a while as they deflate naturally over time. Your AIRO tyres needs a pump that fits Schrader valves, the same as your car. If you don't have a pump, it's possible to use a petrol station pump. 

Watch this tutorial on how to inflate a bike tyre with a Schrader valve:


If your AIRO tyre still won't inflate when you first get it out of the box then it's possible a punctured inner tube has slipped through the net. Please get in touch and we will send you a replacement immediately.

If the tyre has got a puncture after use, you can purchase a spare AIRO inner tube here.

For information on how to remove and install a replacement inner tube, please watch this video:

tyre inflation

Pump up AIRO tyres

How to pump AIRO tyres up

tire inflation

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