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How does it fit to my bike/scooter?

The two stretchy wings fit around all bikes and scooter handlebars and will keep the MINI securely in place. It has been designed so children can mount and remove the MINI in seconds. These wings are tested to withstand a dead weight of 10kg but be c

How do I obtain replacement parts?

We have a 2-year warranty on all of our products so if you are within this period contact us on [email protected]. Accidents do happen and so if you are outside of our warranty period, you can obtain a replacement trigger here https://hornit.com/col

How waterproof is MINI?

The MINI has IP33 protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. This means it will be fine in light rain and possibly even heavy rain provided that the water doesn’t get into the internal parts (through the lens). I

How durable is the MINI?

For peace of mind we give a 2 year warranty. We have tested the MINI in extreme weather (simulated in ovens and freezers), subjected it to wear and tear tests and generally put it through its paces. The wings can withstand a 10kg deadweight attached